Cisco goes Hollywood with product placements

Originally published in Network World

Jim Carey in Yes Man (click for video)

January 6, 2009

Cisco product placements seem to be everywhere in Hollywood these days, catching both TV and movie viewers' attention.

In the recently released hit movie comedy, Yes Man, starring the hilariously funny Jim Carrey, a Cisco IP phone catches everbody's eye as Carrey's character, a bank loan officer named Carl Allen, rubber-stamps YES on all loan applications that cross his desk for approval, regardless of a loan's credit.

At the 2 second timemark in the Yes Man Movie video trailer (click to view), you can see a Cisco IP phone prominently featured on the bank desk of Jim Carrey's character, a bank loan officer.

According to Brandchannel.com, Cisco product placements have appeared in 9 movies (not including Yes Man):

Book of Secrets - National Treasure
Bourne Supremacy
Bucket List
Iron Man
Miami Vice
Mission: Impossible III
National Treasure
Spider-Man 3

Of course, Cisco TelePresence has made quite an impact by being featured on the Fox Network TV shows, 24 and Vanished.


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