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Hi all. This is the first issue of the quarterly Davie Brown Entertainment Marketing Newsletter. Inside, you'll find out about the latest happenings at Davie Brown Entertainment, our parent company, The Marketing Arm (Promo Magazine's 2006 #1 ranked marketing agency) and a lot of other goings on in the world of entertainment marketing.... MORE
Jack Bauer wasn't the only one kicking ass on the November 23 premiere movie 24: Redemption... it was the unveiling of the luxurious Hyundai Genesis, that was featured in an incredibly focused integration that highlighted the features of the car's interior and exterior... MORE
A lot of fanboys are asking if Alan Moore's Watchmen, what many consider to be the greatest graphic novel of all time, will translate to the big screen. With a March 6th release date, the 22 years of waiting is almost over. Zack Snyder went to great lengths to preserve the alternate 1985 storyline and he asked DBE to provide Pepsi essentials from the era... MORE
On December 3rd, multi-platinum artist Staind turn the lights down and rock AT&T's blue room for the last time. Find out what fans had to say and find out what they think about AT&T's new music destination... MORE
Have you even wondered what kind of technology and communication it takes to create gigantic video game? DBE brought the original web series The Making of Rockband 2 to live from a different kind of docu-angle... MORE
Show her skills as more than a Gossip Girl, Blake Lively talked with fans at the official launch party of the anticipated Guitar Hero: World Tour at the Gamestop store in Times Square on October 25... despite rain and chilly weather... MORE





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