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Originally published in Adweek

The "Dew Bot"

For fans of action/adventure films, July 4, 2007, was a date to circle on the calendar. That's when Paramount's summer blockbuster Transformers premiered. It was also the centerpiece of a 12-week promotion linked to the movie for Mountain Dew by agency Davie Brown Entertainment.

Aiming to raise sales and brand awareness among 18-34-yearolds, Davie Brown's "Transform Your Summer" promotion kicked off that May with special labeling on 800 million bottles of the soft drink directing consumers to a microsite and a chance to win thousands of prizes daily.

The agency also helped develop an online game in which players controlled a transforming Mountain Dew vending machine as it wended its way through four levels of game play. In the real world, renowned street artist Julian Beever was commissioned to create an elaborate chalk drawing of a Mountain Dew-toting Transformer emerging from a busy New York City subway station.

But the effort's synergy hit a crescendo during the movie itself: A Mountain Dew vending machine breaks out of its glass case and comes to life to aid the film's star, Shia LaBeouf, battle the evildoing Decepticons.

The results were transformative. More than 60 percent of males aged 18-34 who were aware of the promotion recalled the Mountain Dew placement, and 51 percent of those who were aware of the campaign and saw the film said they were more likely to buy Mountain Dew than any other soft drink. And finally, to really get the buzz going, a related Mountain Dew spot in which a toaster morphs into a Transformer was named one of Adweek magazine's "Best Spots."

"The Mountain Dew program worked well because of the deep and organic brand integration," said Tom Meyer, president of Davie Brown Entertainment. "The Mountain Dew vending machine that turned into a Transformer robot in the film was extended beyond the movie to various buzz-creating activities, including impressive street art."


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