We are the world's largest and most powerful agency in the area of talent procurement, controlling close to 50% of the marketplace.

Industry Clout

We’re fortunate to perform these services for 8 of the top 13 “Most Valuable Brands” according to Forbes. These clients, across multiple categories, benefit from our buying power of over $100M annually on celebrities, musicians, athletes, influencers, models and IP, while at the same time benefiting from our $50M in cost savings.

Proprietary Tools

Our elite stature in the industry is further enhanced through our proprietary tools and platforms such as the Celebrity DBI, Influencer DBI, Talent Bibliography and Talent Repository all of which utilize empirical data to enhance a brand’s decision making.

Glocal Solution

With a singular strategic approach and native market intelligence across 20+ countries, we transcreate our global process, tools and messaging specific to each market’s local needs and intricacies.

Driving Results

We’re not just dealmakers. This offering sits inside one of the most awarded consumer engagement agencies activating for brands across the consumer journey.