Consistently recognized as one of America’s leading sports marketing agencies, The Marketing Arm helps brands tap into this emotional platform in a way that results in a deeper relationship between consumer and brand and drives positive brand value.


Creating personalized brand meaning at the intersection of brand truth, market dynamics and consumer passion.


Using proprietary methods, we evaluate and identify the right sports properties for the brand and what assets are required, and we negotiate best pricing. 


Whether on-site, in-market, online or in the aisle, we create and deliver the right idea in the right time and right context to drive ROI.

Property Management

We manage over 300 sports properties and thousands of assets on behalf of our clients to maximize their investment through optimal asset utilization. 


The Marketing Arm's broad range of in-house capabilities combined with decades of gaming industry experience allows us to deliver hyper-focused, authentic solutions to esports marketing for brands of any size. From strategy to sponsorship, we focus on how your brand can speak to gamers in their own language.


We have emerged as a leader in digital sports marketing, delivering a comprehensive connection with fans through social and mobile channels.


Some of the most viral content in sports has come from TMA. We create the content that helps establish and enhance your position in sports. 


Consistently called the most creative agency in America by PROMO magazine, we created some of the most successful campaigns in recent history.


How do we impact brand awareness, preference, selection and retention? We measure program impact to understand, learn and improve.